Why you should subscribe?

Hmm… So I have to answer this.

(Intense thinking)

I finally got the answer.

You will find a lot of such newsletter which talks about environment and this newsletter is not different from the others but there is something different in mine.

This newsletter comes from someone who is in her teens and is passionate about climate justice and knows what is like to start early in this journey. What struggles you might face what things you should completely avoid and more.

Apart from bimonthly stuff which is news about climate change, podcast recommandation and more you will be able to pick and choose what post I do post and will have the hand in curating everything in the SOTE journey whether it be podcast, blogs, social media post or more.

Will love to have your wonderful opinions.

Safoora Hafeez


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This is a bimonthly newsletter which covers all the best things that happened in the climate sphere, I will also be sharing about recommendations of podcasts, documentary and more!


Safoora Hafeez

👋 this is Safoora I am interested in few things 1. Writing 2. Environment 3. Reading And therefore I present tou the perfect mix of environment and self help related content as a newsletter as apparently I can do this best.